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This documentation is for the Pownce API Version 1.1. Are you looking for the current version?


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Pownce has an Application Programming Interface (API) for anyone to create fun projects with Pownce.




Previous Versions


The API request URL has a version parameter which ensures compatibility when a new version of the Pownce API is released. If the version number is omitted from the URL, Pownce will assume the latest version of the API.



It is up to Pownce application developers to decide how to paginate lists of items by using the limit={limit} and page={page} parameters. The first page is page 0. For example, if I like 5 friends per page and I want the 3rd page of friends for Daniel Burka, I would use: http://api.pownce.com/1.1/users/dburka/friends.xml?limit=5&page=2


If a particular page does not exist, a HTTP 404 error is returned and applications should handle this gracefully.


JSON Callback Parameter

Developers may include an optional JavaScript callback parameter callback={callback} for JSON requests. The response will then be wrapped in the callback function. For example if I include the parameter callback=testFunction the response will look like testFunction(...);


Callback function names must start with a letter and are restricted to letters, numbers and underscores.


Cross Domain XML

Adobe Flash applications have permission to access the Pownce API and the cross domain XML file can be found at http://api.pownce.com/crossdomain.xml


Try It Out


You can try all the API methods via a web browser or use the command-line tool, cURL. You probably already have cURL. Try getting Kevin Rose's public profile by typing the following into the command-line:


curl http://api.pownce.com/1.1/users/kevin.xml



The easiest way to get help with the Pownce API is to check out our Google Group. Feel free to join and ask questions, suggest improvements, and collaborate on projects.


API Methods




Public Note List



User's Public Note List


Public Note


Public Note Recipient List







Friends, Fans, and Fan Of


Error Responses


Errors are returned in the same format as the request.


The response contains:


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