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API Feature Requests

  • Visual data interface and widgets similar to those available at labs.digg.com. - Jon Gos
  • Support for Timezones in a profile - Offbeatmammal
  • Ability to search/filter on content and date range for posts from a user (ideally this would increase the max 100 limit, but be restricted in how often it could be run) - Offbeatmammal
  • Relationship API calls. eg. The ability to approve & request pending friend requests, etc.
  • Add allow-http-request-headers-from to the api.crossdomain.xml file Read Full Detail post in the Google Group
  • Add view/download count to links and files in Note request result - Jon Rohan
  • Add is_online to user objects for authenticated api calls. - Jon Rohan
  • Ability to see what users are part of a set. - Jon Rohan
  • Forwarding notes - Jon Rohan
  • Add the 'secret key' for accessing calendar feeds to authenticated profile calls - Jon Rohan
  • Or (in response to the last line) Add the ability to get upcoming Events for a user. - Jon Rohan
  • A way to retrieve the !pownceusername shouts for a user. - Jon Rohan
  • A way to retrieve the Other Profile (Digg,Last.fm,Delicioous, Etc) data - Lynn Wallenstein
  • Ability to request data on start/end ts via optional req params. - Ryan Romanchuk
  • lat_lon response field from Fire Eagle - Ryan Romanchuk
  • Fire Eagle location name and flag URL - Willem Van Bogaert
  • Ability to add multi-day event - Matteo Furia


My Apps Feature Requests


  • See usage statistics of my apps. i.e. downloads, unique users - Jon Rohan
  • It would be cool if each note says where the post came from, i.e. web, txt, {app name} - Jon Rohan


OEmbed sites data


  • Digg.com - Jon Rohan