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  • When an item is deleted by a member of the Pownce team (Leah, Daniel, Kevin, Ariel, Shawn, Mike) it has been fixed.
  • Please always list your OS, browser, and/or mobile platform to help us in the de-bug process.
  • Pownce can't control any bugs within Adobe AIR itself - best to submit these to Adobe rather than here.


Pownce Website

  • When try to block user "John Doe", user is able to friend request over and over again. If blocked, user should not be able to contact you again. - tonyzeoli
  • Friend count is incorrect.
  • Pagination links in the tools section are incorrect. Section points to "apps" not "tools". http://pownce.com/tools/all/
  • When uploading an MP3 file with file extension in capital letters, it is not treated as an MP3 file.
  • Html Entities are showing &'quot; when adding events with double quotes, they show in Upcoming Events after the "substr" - David G.
  • Searching for specific (but not all) names will give bug pages (e.g. sam, joe, etc.)
  • Stylesheet sets form element backgrounds to white but does not set a text color. This causes text to be invisible if the OS font color is white (as in dark OS themes).
  • The form fields in Settings > Other Profiles (except for the website URLs) are limited to 32 characters, but as an example, my MSN Messenger email address/username is 33 characters, which prevents me from adding it. - Vincent X
  • It is not possible to publish an application through http://pownce.com/api/apps/publish/app_number/
  • Common bugs:
    • The phantom friend request bug is still an issue!
    • Occasional white/blank pages when trying to load Pownce - this is due to people who call our API to often, which slows down the site. We continually monitor for and block IPs that cause these issues.
    • Send an event, delete the event and it will still appear on your incoming events list at user's homepage.


Pownce Desktop 2.0 (alpha)

  • There's no way to change an incorrect password if you select the "remember" box on the login screen
    • I believe if you disable the auto-login from preferences, this should fix the issue. - Ariel



Pownce Mobile

  • Having trouble posting messages with my Verizon RAZR v3m using the Mobile Web. I can log in and view posts just fine, however I cannot submit a message that I enter. - Spectrum
  • Having issues with login and posting messages on Kyocera Lingo M-1000. When I enter my info at login and select the "Login" button nothing happens, but if I refresh the page it logs me in. With posting it just seems like the "Post" buttons are working. All of the actual hyperlinks seem to work, just not the "buttons".
  • Nokia Model E62-1 unable to reply to messages


Pownce API

  • Signature validation for OAuth does not seem to be working. Tested both the PHP and Python reference clients and both return {'error': {'status_code': 401, 'message': 'Signature does not match. Expected: HWrMtp91caZfWFaci/JFAYUEs+s= Got: nSBz9n8f/uhKbt+H2CaP4jGP7Kw=', 'request': 'http://api.pownce.com/2.0/oauth/request_token'}}
  • For notes of type Reply the permalink is a link to a missing page. Should be a link to the parent note. - Jon Rohan
  • For notes of type Link the link.media.src contains 'amz:' at the beginning of the url. - Jon Rohan
  • Invalid characters appearing in the json feed (already reported in the PownceAPI group) - Tekrotzen
  • When calling the main note_list api endpoint, for notes of type "reply", when the reply is an RSVP, the RSVP attribute doesn't show up. - Jon Rohan
  • When oauth request has utf8 rfc3986 encoded characters, API answers Error 401 Authentication required.

Opera Bugs

  • EULA on download page is when it should really be (Note: Notice the scrollbar, Firefox only will notice a slight difference) so that it can be readable on all browsers. - hoss777
  • Uploading files does not work. After selecting the file adding a note and clicking on “Post it!”… Nothing happens. The file frame closes and no uploads are attempted. - hoss777
  • The Main menu items “Home Settings Logout” are only clickable at the base line of the text on the following pages: /events, /replies, /fan_of and, /settings/* - hoss777


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