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  • Subscribe to public/private events via generated iCal feed from the hCalendar already supported by Pownce (ex: Subscribe to Tantek's Events - change /t/ to /yourusername/ to subscribe to your events.) - Tantek. Additional folks have made the request for "iCal support", "iCal feeds", "ics feeds" etc. This would take care of all that.
  • ability to hide events from profile and yourself. - Steven G.
  • Ability to hide individual items posted by others from one's own public feed - Philipp Wesche
  • Possibly allowing people not members of Pownce to RSVP for public events. - Roberto V.
  • Highlight events that will occur within the next 12hrs. - Ash Laws
  • I was in Safari, and created an event. I forgot to include someone on the initial pownce post so I forwarded on to another friend. I now have (2) right-hand column posts of the same event. Shouldn't it remember the initial post only? - Tim Letscher +1 - I am having the same Issue, using Firefox though. Nic P


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