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Fans Friends

Fans, Friends, Friending, Sets, Groups

  • A button for flagging posts as spam or simply flagging users as spammers/spam bots so we can clean up the Public Notes.
  • Social network portability - specifically:
    • support import/subscribing to your profile from other hCard supporting user profiles. Note: Satisfaction Inc. supports this.
    • support import/subscribing to your friends list from other hCard+XFN supporting friends lists - e.g. from Twitter.com. Note: Dopplr.com supports this. - Tantek.
      • Additionally, support importing from email services or CSV files, e.g. Gmail/Hotmail/etc email contact lists, to see which of your friends have Pownce accounts and which need invites. - Eddie O'Leary
  • Option to show friend list on a single page - Philipp Wesche
  • Ability to add a friend to a set the moment you confirm them, instead of having to find them afterwards - Nicole Simon
  • Hide your fans and who you're a fan of ex) Display for Nobody, Friends or Everybody. - Steven G.
  • What about a per friend settings? Which could be part your friends list when logged in of course. ex) Your Friend - Show x Public Notes x Public and Private Notes x None. This way you can set what shows up on your Profile per friend, Ignoring means you would simply have to visit their profile in order to see what they have posted recently. - Steven G.
  • Ability to organize people you're a fan of into sets. - Guillermo
  • Editing sets: Allow us to see people's full name and full icon (like on friends list) - Nicole Simon
  • Notification option when a user confirms you as a friend or a 'Latest Friends' addition to the friends page (show 5-10-15 etc latest friends) and perhaps when every friend was added - Steven G.
  • Do not notify latest note from friends if you have viewed their note before a notification has been sent. Not sure how this can be achieved, but it would be less of a hassle. - Steven G.
  • Some sort of groups features, for example you could have a group called "Digg Fans", which you would access at www.pownce.com/g/DiggFans. Groups could be publicly joinable, or the appointed group admins could select who got to join. When posting a note, file or link, you can choose to send it to the group.
  • Display last 5 or so friends added off to the side (left or right) of our View All Friends Page. - Steven G.
  • Ability to search and add friends based on geographic area. - Ash Laws
  • Show when friends were last active on Pownce - Steven G.
  • Option to not direct you to friend's page once friend-ed

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