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  • Ability to send audio notes (think gmails audio chat/mail) users would be able to play instantly after its processed, no waiting to buffer/download (like when you listen to someones music stored on box.net) with optional download (download option can be enabled or disabled). Could be a 'Pro' feature. - Steven G.
  • The ability to select multiple recipients for a file. Pownce needs a checkbox list in both the website and AIR client that displays your friends in a page-able contact list and lets you check off the ones you want to send the file to. - eavonius
  • Refresh the comment stream without canceling an upload. - Ash Laws
  • Separate media pane/viewer that would allow you to load and listen to music or watch videos while browsing from page to page of Pownces. Currently, if a file is downloading or a video is playing, it will stop if you move to another page. It would also be nice to set up a playlist. Mockup - Alex Gates
  • Volume Control for Audio Files, Default at Half OS Volume - Steven G.
  • When uploading images allow for several at once, and show small 80x80 thumbnails of each in the note. Say a limit of 9 in one note (display as a 3x3 grid). - Ash Laws (+1)
  • The above could work as follows without having to change the Pownce API: when you upload a zip file of multiple images, Pownce should detect this and show the grid. Or maybe a mini-gallery similar to Posterous. An mp3 playlist could be created the same way.
  • Amazon MP3, and/or iTunes referrals to music shares


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