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Integration with other services

  • Integration with popular blogging software (WordPress, LiveJournal, etc) along with auto-posting each public note to a specified 'blog. - Tim Dub
  • Digg buttons for posts. It would be a quick way to see the hottest posts amongst your friends. - textnotspeech
  • Sync or at least import/export/subscribe/publish functionality with del.icio.us, so I don't have to duplicate efforts charlie c.
  • "Import gmail contacts" searches only for first 50 - that doesn't even get me out of the "A"'s! - Catherine Devlin
  • Optional integration with Digg, i.e. a mouse-over of the Digg profile icon would show stats and user-name on a small pop-up , as well as functioning as a link. - Ash Laws
  • Auto-posting to Pownce from RSS/Atom feeds. To prevent blatant plagiarism, require a user to "claim" a feed in the same manner as Odeo or Technorati. Again, Pownce should be able to recognize if the feed item has a link or an enclosure tag with an attached file. - Tim Dub
  • Some sort of integration with OpenID? - Ivan K.
  • Ability to add an RSS feed as a friend - Isaac V.

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