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Mobile-related Feature Requests

  • User avatars. - Phillip Zannini
  • Pownce refuses to work in Blazer, the Palm OS Browser. - ZicklePop
  • Cross-post mobile audio/text from Jott or Utterz
  • Mobile photo upload, to email in my iPhone photos with a caption in the subject line (like on Tumblr). - Pete
  • More links at the bottom of the userpage, such as the public notes page, friends and fan lists, other profiles, etc. - Ash Laws
  • SMS message to Pownce post - btard
    • - MMS updates for pictures & video - jae
  • Windows Mobile Client - DigitalKNK
  • Upload files via e-mail


iPhone App Feature Requests


  • A conversation button at the bottom that uses what Leah Siddal has done with Pownce Bownce.
  • Convert hyperlinks embedded within messages to active links.
  • Fix the cache invalidation that keeps new avatars from showing up.
  • Put in an auto suggest when selecting friends for private messages.
  • An option to update fire eagle preferably automagically.
    • Maybe display the Fire Eagle location as it does in the web app.
  • Mimic the "reply" functionality in the web/desktop app to insert the !username.
  • Have external links open inside the app. For this implemented see the free app Sportacular.
  • Add management of friends (add, remove, block).


iPhone App Bug Reports


  • When responding to a comment and adding a rating it crashes. - cpoteet




  • Mobile Pownce m.pownce.com - Cliff
    • Maybe not a mobile app, but at least a stripped down version. - Nicole Simon
  • Pownce slows down the iPhone to a crawl and then sometimes crashes due to bag coding. No other site produces this error. - ZicklePop