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An easily-accessible archive of Music Video Mondays:


Air - "Sexy Boy"

Alex Gopher - "The Child"

Animals - "San Francisco Nights"

Artful Dodger - "Re-Rewind"

Arvid - "Kiss Me"

Bat For Lashes - "What's A Girl To Do"

Bauhaus - "She's in Parties"

Beck - "Hell Yes"

Boards Of Canada - "Dayvan Cowboy"

Cavalera Conspiracy - "Sanctuary" (possibly NSFW and minors)

The Cure - "Wrong Number"

Daft Punk - "Around The World"

DJ Mehdi (feat Chromeo) - "I Am Somebody"

DRI - "You Know I Tried"

Ennio Morricone - "Ecstacy  of Gold (LIVE)"

Finley Quaye - "Sun Is Shining"

Great Lake Swimmers - "Your Rocky Spine"

Groove Armada - "Get Down"

Halou - "Everything Is OK"

Handsome Furs - "Dumb Animals"

Hot Hot Heat - "No, Not Now"

Jimmy Kimmel - "I'm F'ing Ben Affleck"

Madonna - "Human Nature"

Madonna - "Nothing Really Matters"

Massive Attack - "Protection"

MC Chris - "I Want Candy"

Portishead - "Machine Gun"

Sammy Stephens vs. Pet Shop Boys - "Flea Market Montgomery"

Shiny Toy Guns - "Le Disko"

Smoke City - "Underwater Love"

St Germain - "So Flute"

Videosong 4 - "Radiohead/Chopin Matchup"

Voxtrot - "Firecracker"