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Notes in general

Notes in general

  • When a !jonrohan is used by anyone in the site. I want that note to show up on my profile page - Jon Rohan
  • When I reply to a note, that isn't mine, I want to be "included" in the conversation. This will put all replies to that note on my page, so I can continue in the conversation. - Jon Rohan
  • A "rating" note-type which would produce hReview markup. -Tantek
  • Classification of posts into personal/informative - Philipp Wesche
  • The ability to select multiple message types so that, for example, an event can be posted with a link to someplace and a file. Real life example: I wanted to invite people to a concert, link them to ticketmaster, and share one of the band's songs. It took multiple pownce messages, where it should have only required one. - Brian K
    • Something related to consider: the ability to not only combine message types, but include more than one of a type in each message. At the very least, the ability to specify more than one link URL. Sharing multiple files in one message may present legal complications, but since users can already just create multiple pownce posts, it would be nice to just create one post with multiple 10MB files if that's what is needed. - Brian K
      • What would then stop a non-pro member creating a multi-part rar file with each section under 10meg so they could post files above their limit? I think it would be better if they could attach multiple files to a maximum total size of 10meg - aaronbassett
  • Have full time and date on every entry. - Marc W.
  • Tagging of Posts Lynn Wallenstein
  • More efficent Star rating system (i.e. improved weighting and half stars) and ability to sort posts by the amount of stars and/or votes and/or views. - Ash Laws
    • Have the number of votes shown alongside the number of stars on a note. - Ash Laws
  • Ability to post a sticky note, or reminder note. Could be below upcoming events/other profiles or on another page all together for the user with date and time stamps and allow individual sticky notes to be easily deleted. These notes would of course allow for photos, video & files to be attached. Maybe an option on each note to 'share with' the public, all my friends, private. - Steven G.
  • Ability to change notes sent to All your Friends/Private to Public or from Public back to All your Friends/Private without having to delete and re-send your note. Also changing recipients like this should not notify any users who have previously received your note. Changing a Public note to Private will remove it from public viewing. - Steven G.
  • the ability to both Edit, and Update a note. Editing would go unnoticed by anyone who isn't keeping up to date on one of your previous notes, perhaps the note would have an indication somewhere on the note stating 'Edited Nov 8th'. Clicking Update on a previous note would allow you to edit, but also re-notify all of your friends of the update and bring that note back as your latest note, keeping previous replys intact (maybe graying them in color to indicate they are older replys) Allowing updated notes back at the top of the All Public Notes portion of the site may be a bad idea on that front. - Steven G.
  • Ability to post notes only to yourself.
  • There isn’t any way to jump further into a long list such as a list of page numbers like: Previous/Next / First 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Last
  • New Note type: Action/Presence/Status. Gives users the ability to tell others what they are doing/feeling/thinking, which in turn allows others to filter this. A small suitable icon would also be available to be chosen which represents what they are doing (ie, a Zzz for tired/sleep, a running stick figure or car/train/plane for travel, etc). This also helps separate this from other 'stuff' - at the moment, I don't like it when people are telling me what they are doing every 5min as there is no easy way to filter this out. This is especially needed since the implementation of mobile Pownce, as users are more likely to post 'presence' style notes while on the move. Overall, helps separate 'presence' out from files, events, links and regular notes. - Ash Laws
    • Optional small icons next to regular notes to denote what the user is doing (ie, a Zzz for tired/sleep, a running stick figure or car/train/plane for travel, etc). - Ash Laws
  • Ability to favourite notes, as in Twitter. - Ash Laws
  • Basic text formatting in notes such as listing, indenting, text breaks; but no bolding, underlining, etc. Anything that would change the font or draw extra attention are unneccessary. - Ash Laws
  • Option to set the view of multiple notes in a given time frame as a grouped note. This would be exceptionally useful for those friends that send notes non-stop. Also very beneficial for those that have lots of friends. - Joel T.
  • Ability to post a new kind of message - a Poll whereby you pose a question and then offer a set of answers (or allow the respondents to supply the options). Friends can then vote by choosing an option in their reply accompanied by a comment to justify their choice. A nice chart to show the results would also be nice! - Tom Martin
  • Ability to post short, formatted source code snippets - Shane Lillie
  • Push Pins for each message. The idea is that you could "pin" a message to your side column (maybe take some of the events space). This creates a permanent link to that message so you can easily return to it as the conversation continues. This way you don't have to page through newer notes to find a message thread. Pushing the push pin button again will remove the link from the sidebar. JP Toto
  • 'Blog' option added to message, file, etc which offers the ability to add a title. If more Twitter-like functionality is added to the site (such as receiving SMS of a feed, etc), it should be exempt from such things. - Brian K
  • Ability to edit messages, this could be time restricted or messages could only be edited until someone replies - aaronbassett
    • Disagree with this, see this message for why it's a bad idea. - Philipp Wesche
    • I aggree with Aaron - perhaps a Digg style time limitation on being able to edit. It is necessary because even superhumans like me make mitsakez - btard
    • I would like to second support for a time-limited ability to edit. I don't see any harm in this for the purpose of things like general spelling correction or a mistyped URL. Even if it is only a couple of minutes, it would deal with this issue while preventing abuse. - Parallax Abstraction
  • Message formatting. Not the ability to enter full HTML... maybe just a restricted version of Markdown, or at least strong/em/a - aaronbassett
    • The ability to specify a link title when sending links, and being able to use markup to indent quotes. This would come in handy if I wanted to quote something from a link and refer to the title of it at the same time. - Joost Schuur
  • The ability to hush, silence, or throttle posts by specific users. There are some users from whom I always want to see posts and some users which I do not care so much about. I would like to be able to rank my users so that messages from a particular user are not flushed off of my main page by users that aren't as important to me. - Blayne Dreier
  • I'd love for the "Send to:" drop down list and the "Post it!" buttons to be reveresed in order. That way a simple "TAB" and "ENTER" will post the note. Aaron M.

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