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Pownce AIR app

Pownce AIR App Feature Requests

  • Add download progress bar or window as well as the standard browser download dialog (Save/Open/etc). - Ryan Devenish
  • Add Growl support to the mac version of the AIR Client - JakeCarter
  • Option to increase/decrease the font size. - Nicole Simon
  • Add spelling correction functionality :) - btard
  • Show number of views or downloads for links and files, as on the website. - Ash Laws
  • Desktop notifications (explanation here) Tony Miller
  • What if the AIR app read the colours from your theme once you logged in? - Tom Hodgins




  • View replies in the AIR client without going to the website - aaronbassett & Chris24 & fotodevil
  • Possibly have the Pownce app light up or come to the foreground when it updates with new messages - Eddie O'Leary and Steven G.
  • User should be able to send RSVP or reply to event invites.
  • Add the ability to reply from the client - PhillyMac
  • Minimize to tray, the pownce URL icon may be a nice enough tray icon, upon activity you could make the P within the icon pulse from an off white color to bright white. - Eddie O'Leary and Steven G. +1
  • Minimize to tray icon (Win) or Menu Bar (Mac) - Eddie O'Leary and Chris24 +2
  • Options in the app such as expand all messages by default, change settings from the app, image previews. In essence, it should offer almost everything you can do on the website. - Ash Laws
  • Notifications of new friend requests. - Ash Laws
  • Ability to delete your own posts in the App. - Ash Laws
  • Notifications of updates to the Pownce app. - David B
  • Makes urls in comments clickable. - Ash Laws
  • Pownce app automated update feature. - David B
  • Actually be able to upload files to the public (currently these files are denied)
  • Tabbed interface to avoid drop-down menues for other options; such as one for settings, another for the event reminders and other social network profiles, and another for notes. - Ash Laws
  • Replies should include a link to the not the reply belongs to - Horst Gutmann
  • The content rendering (Flickr, Audiofiles etc.) should work the same way as on the website - Horst Gutmann
  • Allow the size of the application to be remembered (currently it just opens at the same size all the time, despite any resizes the user made).
  • MP3 Playback in AIR app, no need to visit the site for music. - ZicklePop