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  • Ability to add/remove the Pro label on our Avatar. - Steven G.
  • Index of large files uploaded for pro users so they can keep track of them; with the added ability to send the files again from the same page using drop-down menus. - Ash Laws
  • A selection of fonts for our notes. ability to +/- size of the fonts, bold, italic etc. Regular users will would be able to see the fonts we use in notes, but not have the ability themselves. These types of options could be located down next to the Post It! button Steven G.
  • Give a larger word limit to pro users' descriptions, maybe also with colored/fonted text in line with their current theme. - Ash Laws
  • Ability to save multiple custom themes that you have created, perhaps adding them into 'Preset Themes' but under a different section 'Custom Preset Themes'. - Steven G.
  • Steven G.
  • Ability to use custom domain names, ie. your domain name can be redirected to pownce.com/username - Perry L.

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