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  • Ability to post links/files/events/video/photos in replies to other messages, so that better collaboration can happen. - Stuart Meldrum & Thomas D. & aaronbassett & Julie G.
  • Permalinks for replies. - Guillermo
  • Ability to reply to a specific user's reply within all Notes (and get a notification of that reply) with the exception of private notes. X replies on Y's post, you reply to X's comment, both Y and X get notified of your reply. - Steven G.
  • Threaded reply system similar to the podcasts section on Digg. - Ash Laws
  • Ability to vote posts up/down and highlight popular ones. Only bury posts that are heavily weighted down or marked as spam. Or maybe only the ability to vote posts up to avoid Digg-like clone. - Ash Laws & Julie G.
    • This is why we added star ratings. The star ratings can mean whatever you and your group of friends want it to mean - Ariel Waldman
      • Or they can be just as meaningless when everyone votes the full 5 a dozen times, as it gives the same rating as one person voting 5 stars once. - Ash Laws
        • I'd like to see some sort of rating replies, because a Note can be good, but someone elses reply may be awesome, atleast be able to single out great replies somehow - Steven G.
  • Reply delay, much like comment delays on Digg.com. Gives you say 60 seconds to edit your initial reply. - Steven G.
  • add the option of enabling a captcha on replies to your public notes for Fans/non-Friends. - Steven G.


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